Call for a dissertation editor of distinction

Today's students need a highly skilled and professional dissertation editor – one whose hands they place a book-length in and be assured that no mistakes will be made. has editors who

  • Have already completed their doctorates with distinction
  • Have many scholarly publications
  • Specialize in a variety of majors from humanities, to technology-based degrees, to the physical and social sciences.
  • Are beyond experts in composition, grammar, citation, and documentation
  • Are research specialists who can help you find peer-reviewed articles and books from respected presses to showcase in your reference list

We know money is tight for students finishing their degrees

Often the dissertation editor cost for even one person working on your project is extremely high by the time you complete your project. This is because other companies hand you a project you’re not satisfied with -- and charge you another revision rate! Sadly, panicked students often pay these rates out of desperation. At, however, our dissertation editor rates are based on the project –- not the hours worked, saving you tons of money. Plus, we do free revisions up to ten days after we finish with your work, allowing you real time to read the work closely. No other agency will offer you these low prices.

Why you need a specialist documentation wizard and proofreading, polishing, and improvement genius!

Now, more than ever, you need a dissertation editor. Rates of non-completion of dissertations are now at 50%-- you do not want to be one of that 50%.! One major aspect of a book length project that stops students in their tracks, holding up progress on their project, is formatting and documenting sources. And today, given the astounding variety of sources on the internet, databases, and in print, you need a citation and documentation genius of a dissertation editor. Cost of a degree is too dire to risk missing your deadline or never finishing your product. This is why an editor for dissertation documentation and citation is highly recommended. Our agency has specific staff members who are expert documentation dissertation editors. APA, MLA, Chicago Style, Harvard Citation, and ISEE are just a few of the citation methods they specialize in – in short, we know them all.. In addition to this, we can format your finished product for binding, rearranging all your margins for the binding of your book. If you need to hire an editor for dissertation work of any kind that is professional, caring, and talented, call us today!

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