A company that knows proper PhD dissertation format

So you’re in the market for a company to write your dissertation from scratch. At HotDissertation.com, we’ve written dozens of beefy dissertations, and we’re prepared to take on your project as well. One of the principle concerns we hear from prospective clients is that we come prepared to adhere to the APA dissertation format, and that we have an editor that sees to this. Likewise, for those students in need of the MLA dissertation format, our service can adapt. The point is that we’re experienced professionals when it comes to academic composition, so we make this promise to you: your paper will not only be 100% authentic, but it will be composed strictly to the format you submit.

Making a distinction from one dissertation writing format to another

MLA stands for the Modern Language Association, while APA is the American Psychological Association. The former is mostly used in the humanities while the latter is more common in social science fields of study. Both are legitimate standard dissertation format rules, and whether your program requires one or another is entirely up to your professor’s preferences. Generally, their preferences align with the trend of their academic discipline. At HotDissertation.com, we include a free bibliography when you order our assistance. This, and all in-text citations, will strictly adhere to the standard required.

Beyond citation: what you can expect from working with us

Naturally, if we guarantee that you’ll be working with people who know how to use academic citation standards, it’s revealing of their background. We hire educated individuals who have these very important traits in common:

  • Native English-speaking: All our people speak English as their mother tongue.
  • Expertise in a field: If you need a thesis, with a given thesis dissertation format, then you’ll want to hire someone experienced in your subject matter. We let you choose your helper, so you can guarantee that they have the necessary experience.
  • Effective research: Everyone we hire is from university, and they’ve done heavy research papers before. They know how to write within the confines of a dissertation format. APA, MLA, Chicago or any other—they will adapt.

Pricing for doctoral candidates

We work with students of all fields, in all degree levels. But we specialize in heavy research and redaction. We thrive on long-term work on a single project. We also know that students need discounts, so we offer you several. So if you are looking for an affordable service capable of adhering to a doctoral dissertation format, you’ve found it.

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