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Here at, our writers hold advanced degrees in a multitude of subjects, graduate with honors, and have myriad publications. They can advise you on any aspect of dissertation editing, writing, formatting, documentation or research. What you need is an assistant that is not only skilled in all of these areas, but one who actually cares about your project and communicates with your often. We can offer that and more. Our agency communicates with you daily, giving you updates on your project - and we never miss a deadline.

Why you need PhD dissertation assistance

Only 50% of students complete their dissertations today within ten years of coursework completion. This is an astounding percentage. We can assign you someone to help you with your documentation needs, or someone who can find stellar, peer reviewed papers from respected journals and books - or a helper for finding the perfect source, quotes, and paraphrases you need to prove your assertions and theories - look not further. We specialize in these kinds of needs and more. Today, finding online dissertation assistance you can trust can be very tricky – and anxiety-producing. But we don’t charge you until you pick your writer! Guaranteeing that you pick the skilled, educated assistant that will make you confident in a polished project that wins highest marks - even distinction.

Trustworthy, skilled online dissertation assistance that is there for you 24/7

We are available every day - all day to help you with any of your dissertation needs. Our assistants are all native English speakers who have passed multiple tests in grammar, writing, editing, and documentation. Also, our assistants hold multiple and advanced degrees in an array of subject areas, so, if you want specialized assistance in your subject / major area, we offer help, editing, documentation assistance, and dissertation assistance writing in

  • English composition, art history, and other humanities
  • All aspects of business and communications
  • All technology-related specialties
  • Social and physical sciences
  • Fashion Design, Architecture and more

We raise the bar on customer service

We don’t charge you by the hour, we charge you by the project. And if you are not satisfied with your final product, we offer free revisions up to ten days after you receive the finished work. We put you first - you cannot get this kind of care just anywhere. If you need a dissertation assistance service that is raises the bar on customer service, call us today!

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